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I Found You Here

by Boat To Row

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Happy as the day is long And long may it last For the nights never comfort Always seeking out the past The finest fruits I've eaten Drunk on the words I've taken And though I'll not repeat them I'll wait until they blossom The years perform their dance Of sugar-coated haze For seeing the things that I can't unsee And the sounds that haunt my days I'll wait beneath the willow tree Where no one else can see Frightened by the slightest change Yet fearing that which stays the same Alas the kind conclusion I wish to someday feel Is a mere and lost illusion Of a thought I'd truly steal
The steps lead me down To the sand that covers the ground The wash floods my view Whistle and I'll come to you The whispers wouldn't leave I'm bound by this bed Are you laughing at me? Or is it all in my head? The thunder at my door It's you, for that I'm sure The howling wind that blows I know I'm not alone The mornings feel heavy I call to hear you're there But no words left your body And the silence I couldn't bear But you won't leave me be I'm tired to tow this line Until I'm resting by the sea In a bed that isn't mine The steps lead me cold The coast is taking hold I am next in queue Whistle and I'll come to you
A few lost lines are all I sing Hidden scrolls, confessed by me And though I bear no diamond ring I'll sing to you these melodies All I have is all you see Confuse me not with them I may not ever swim in gold My gift, an honest life with me For soon the time will come at last You'll look at me, one day And acknowledge what has come to pass As we float and fade away I never tell you half as much Assumption is my bane The pain you bear, well enough From the faults I make time and time again
With broken bits all scattered As the wind so fairly blows Ideas, ever constant As the string players place their bows With each thought like a kick-start Shooting comets through the sky Each step, to trip and master No matter how I try The heart, tuned so finely Like melody and rhyme Ticking parts that move so timely Handsome beats fall short sometimes With broken bits all scattered Some end well, whilst others don't So I pull open the curtains On a day when others won't The seasons leave me restless Lullabies keep me awake I know someday I'll stumble When the strain’s too much to take
A few lost souls I saw today A thief, a poet, a bird of prey Turn me around and start me again Cut back my branches and water this stem A man out of place in the soul that he keeps Lost to the pace of these goals too steep The years never rhyme when your heart trickles dry The passing of a tear for a man who lives to die But I'll be the best I can And I hope you understand That I won't need your helping hand For my mess is mine Here's a toast to good times, in this weary head of mine To say I've learnt from you is to be true Yet I laugh a lonesome laugh like the beggars on the path Chasing pennies, getting lost between the cracks I'm lost as I stand, oh we all share this fate Of thinking too much and taking the bait Living like leeches, happy as woe Never really believing what we think we know
Tears fall in floods at my feet Knee-deep in grief, too brittle to breathe I never forgave or let sleep All the little things you left with me I'm finding it hard, this relief The quiet house echoes, plays tricks on me Space overcomes me, as doors faintly creek The sun tries but fails to bring me to So I marry the thoughts of me and you That song you used to sing out of tune And in that flash of childlike memory You laugh out loud and bare yourself to me A caring heat that never asked for much Truth be told I never cared enough It's this that bears its weight down on me And now it seems you’re fighting to believe The signs were there, clear to all but me Death in spring, no blossom on the trees I cannot blame the fate that I bestow I've had my chance and now I'll never know
The Tariff 03:58
Throw me a rope dear, I'm drowning And gasping for air Raise the alarm, it's too strong The signs said beware The speedways and freeways connect The feelings we try and respect Directions to read and misread all the same I'm wondering where you get off Being this way? It's one thing to mean it, but dear lord It's led you astray The tariff to wait for you bankrupts me Year after year Tickets and heartache, my collection Is nearly complete The long talks and long walks, forgive The doubts that crept in when The door was left ajar And the cold confused this heart
When it's time to leave it be I'll turn to you and hope you see Moments missed from chapters read These stories, false, you believed instead You tried like you do best A broken smile, just to keep face Keep it up, conceal the truth For sorrow creeps under our embrace I found you here You saw me stare But it's lost on you And I loved you there Where did you go When the clock chimed twice? Why do I doubt the silence at night? I think of you every now and then A wife, a lover, a treasured friend The story reads of things that end Let's burn these pages and start again When it's time to find a home To plant our roots and let them grow We'll hide our fears of being alone In love, this fear we'll never know I find you here Your eyes met mine I'm with you, dear Let the clocks chime
The Hunt 03:00
Stuck inside a sinking vessel Bound to where no soul survives Sleeping rough with my thoughts, to wrestle The depths at which my mind arrives Oh my stomach turns Creaks with ease Where were you? Hear my plea White noise rings, the morning sings The weary bliss sees me bare Weighing down the day so heavy Give me strength or see me spared What's become of this? How the lines have blurred Now this lonely road With so many turns Turning, turning, all of the time
Like a new beginning I seize this chance again Another flower blooming Please be well, my unknown friend Forever at your door Knocking faintly like before Yet mistaken for that tap that drips Falling silent, falling short Where have I been When I sit thinking here? The times that I've dreamt Of tomorrows, oh so clear Another year takes me I'm grateful and glad The stark winds of winter Tomorrows so sad Death and destruction Brings truth and silence A sweet combination A recurring alliance Set forth to our youth With recurring defiance Death and destruction Brings truth and silence
Sylvia 11:46
The back of your head, retreating Caused the wind to blow the scales from my eyes Scattering softly, your elegant lies The dead of the night, unfolding And railing against the light of the stars Unmasking, inflicting, a cowardly scar The hood of the moon, resting, Is hard and remote, hanging over the sea Like Sylvia said my rival would be The pull of the pen, carving A story that's mine, etched deep in the stone Now may you know that the mirror's my own Days they break and burn Sand slips through the glass I turn to face the wind Wait for this to pass Pages ache and turn Write me if you must The light is bleeding out Fight the settling dust.


Recorded at Highbury Studio by Rob Peters
Mixed and Mastered by Francis Gorini at London Mastering Studios
Additional Recording and Engineering by Ben Gilchrist

Released on Nocturne Records and funded by a Pledge campaign from our fans.


released November 20, 2015

All songs written by Michael King and arranged by Boat To Row, except 'Sylvia', written by Michael King and Anna Bennett and arranged by Boat To Row.

Boat To Row are:

Michael King
Benjamin Gilchrist
Anna Bennett
Lydia Glanville
Hannah Fathers

Additional Cello played by Rachel Creswell


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Boat To Row Birmingham, UK

Boat To Row are known for delivering an intricate set woven with strings and vocal harmonies, layered with an ever-expanding collection of instruments. They combine a genuine ease in each other's musical company with an energetic, skilfully crafted sound. ... more

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