Pretty Streets


We’ve been working on a new song that we thought we’d surprise you with as a Christmas present! It’s called ‘Pretty Streets’ and we just finished recording it ourselves at the lock up! The track is available now on our bandcamp and it’s a pay what you like sort of occasion, although with a bit of a difference. As we’ve had such an incredible year of support from you guys, helping us to fund our album and to finally get it out for you to hear we wanted to repay some of that good fortune!

Every penny that gets paid for this track will be donated to a fantastic charity, St Basil’s, which helps homeless people or people at risk of becoming homeless between the age of 16 and 25 right here in Birmingham. It’s a subject that informs the songs lyrics, and a problem we all see every day. It seems to be on the rise all around our country and we wanted to do a little something to help out. Please give generously, Christmas is a time to realise how lucky we are and to look out for others who aren’t quite so lucky! You can find out more at theĀ St Basil’s website.

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Listen to the track below and click through to donate:

Have a very special Christmas and New Year!
Lots of Love BTR xxx